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Friday, August 04, 2006

Great Site for Tracking Blog Comments

I have been looking for this type of thing!

Are there other services like it?


I think it's going to keep me from getting dizzy as I keep track of my blog posts!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thoughts on Doc Searls Blog Post

I have thoughts on this post from Doc Searls

From Section IV of that post:
There are new skills to develop here. We can't tell customers to read the bug lists and check the man pages.

We'll have help from technology, specifically social software. Wikis, blogs and IM are three obvious ones. But we need more. Especially around corporate websites. We need to get marketing out of the website construction game. Company websites should provide the shortest possible routes between customers and useful information. Period. That goes for both prospective and existing customers. There should also be ample linkage outside to other sites that are useful to customers. A site that's "sticky" is busy failing.

Wow, this paragraph is chock full of great things.

Here is my thought on what that social software technology might look like......
The content a user sees is different for every user. The software knows where you are coming from and where you are going. It knows your skills and even the way you like to you like a lot of text or do you prefer diagrams...are you an advanced user or a beginner.

The content is also database fed so that what a user reads is not a random example but reflects their actual numbers.

Tech support will not just get a question from a contact form... they will get a question about a specific page and paragraph.

This will take infinitely more time and resources... in the end what you hope to accomplish is something similar to a live conversation without having to actually be there...

What does Doc mean "we need more".... how about audio and video help clips. If you are learning to program how about a window right under yours that types out the code you are learning.... as it types you type with it....

I think I am missing the point big time but I am trying to expand my thinking...

First CC response.

This is the first response from Circuit City:

Thank you for contacting Circuit City e-mail support.

At, we are committed to providing excellent customer
service. As one of the nation's leading specialty electronics
retailers, we aim to exceed customer expectations in every facet of our
business and attribute our success to a superior service commitment.

One of our Customer Support Coordinators will get back to you within the
next 24 business hours.

Thank you for making Circuit City your shopping destination. We
appreciate your patience and thank you for giving us the opportunity to
serve your needs. We look forward to responding to you.

Circuit City Customer Support

Monday, July 24, 2006

Circuit City People please respond!

In fairness to big corporations and small businesses alike... if I have a complaint about you I want you to be able to respond....

So, I have gone today to and posted this in the CONTACT US form... I want to see if Circuit City really does care...

"Dear CC Execs:
You are getting very bad press in the blogosphere, including from me and some others, whose links I will not give you. Do your own search at a site such as and see what you find.

Recently I bought a $32 shredder that malfunctioned... I took it back to the store after 32 days. The Circuit City store would neither give me a refund OR let me exchange it for the exact same shredder...

You have lost my business forever over a $32 shredder! However, I am in business for myself and understand that it's hard to train EVERY employee (or even the manager I dealt with) in the right kind of customer service.

My remedy for that right now is to never set foot in another Circuit City store... do you have a better remedy?"

I'll let you know what I hear from Circuit City... as a business owner I always appreciate a second chance to make things right.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Lost Flier

Welcome to me....the Lost Flier.... getting and giving all kinds of business advice.